"When Atlantis sank, he theorized that the people from Atlantis fled to the tunnels prepared beforehand and their descendants still dwell there today. He further maintained as other authors before him including Erick Von Daniken that these tunnels link the surface of Earth to a hollow world within the planet. Apparently, these writers believed an entire tunnel system lies beneath the earth in places such as Ecuador and Peru, and these tunnels connect Iran with China, Tibet and the Caucasus.
They reasoned that there are many examples of hollow systems in our lives, things such as plant stalks, our bones and hair so therefore it is potentially possible that our planet is hollow as well. These hollow earth proponents believe that openings into this “Middle Earth” so to speak are found at both the North and South poles of Earth. Trench supports the hollow earth theory by using examples such as the colored snow in the Arctic regions, icebergs made of fresh water and dust accumulations in the Arctic. Further, he asserted that the Aurora Borealis is actually the reflection of a small sun inside the earth. Certainly this idea of a world beneath our world is mirrored in the book and movie, Journey to the Center of the Earth!
Trench also used as proof of this theory pictures from 1967 and 1968 of the North Pole taken by the Apollo Mission that apparently show an immense hole several hundred miles in diameter. For some reason on the day the pictures were taken, the cloud cover was not present.”
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